Payment Options



Payment Options

Offering Budget solution plans and discounts in all services with financing available in most cases.

Payment Options and Guidelines.

These will be reviewed with you and agreed upon by signature of legal contract.

Choices, choices, choices…


As you have come to learn by information provided throughout this page…the world of website building and graphic design is a very competitive and very expensive world to be in. Thats why we have several pricing options and guidelines available.


Although some prices are stretched to the farthest extent, they are all with in possibility. 


But don’t let that stop you from contacting us about your vision, or your website that needs a graphic overhaul. Here is how we work with you while working for us.

The three methods of payment available to you to secure your budget and fulfill  project cost.



A comfortable time-frame from quote acceptance to go-live would be about 6 weeks. Time frames are flexible though, so we can work through the detail to align expectations. An approximate breakdown of time would be:

  • Quote acceptance and deposit paid within      
  • Design and Concept                                                       2 weeks
  • Coding and Development –                                         1-2 weeks
  • Website Content –                                                          1 week
  • Final testing and go live! –                                          1 week

If you have any questions, please ask them directly on the quote. When you’re happy to proceed, simply accept the quote below.

We’re in this with you, long-term

  • A website is a living thing.
  • The day your new site goes live is just the beginning of your journey!
  • Technical Upkeep and Maintenance is free for the first 6 months after your site is deployed, then it becomes a reoccurring cost of $$250/month. (prices of technical support may vary depending on the size of your site)
  • We help clients with their websites, emails, newsletters, blogs and social media at no cost the first 6 months after
  • We want to grow with you and your business, and look forward to working with you.

The fine print

All concepts, designs and code are 100% owned by you once all project fees have been paid for in full (until payment they are under copyright protection)

The ‘Design & Architecture’ stage will be invoiced at the time of quote acceptance, and is required to be paid before the project commences. All other stages will be invoiced as each stage is complete. Payment for these stages is due 7 days following invoice date.  Ongoing fees will be charged at the start of every month once the website has been published. One month notice is required for cancellation of website hosting.

 Retainer Plan

An installment outline will be drafted up along with your final quote including an agreed % to pay upfront, This can be anywhere from 25%-50%. The remaining part of the payment will be due 100% by the end of testing, and before launch day.

Per Project

A fixed amount of money for a predetermined period of time (a situation known as “work for hire”)



This is an hourly rate based on time, design, and seize of project. This can run anywhere between $30-$70 an hour based on estimates.


3-5 week time frame

  • Conversion tracking
  • code setup                 
  •   Online project management scheduling
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Market research

$1200/ Flat Fee



5-7 Week Time Frame

  • 5 week time frame
  • Let’s Do This
  • Conversion best practices documentation
  • Development of unique selling position
  • User testing
  • Setup of auto respondents

$2500 /Flat Feerchase

Fully Optimized

7 – 10 week Time Frame


  • Includes Tech support for a year
  • Let’s Do This
  • Flash/ jQuery interactive calls to action
  • Conversion path implementation
  • Lead forms integrated into CRM
  • Conversion reporting

$3200 / Flat Fee